Lyndsay Bateman

Lyndsay Bateman

Lyndsay is a specialist in beginner to intermediate classical guitar teaching. She has worked in education for over 20 years which brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in teaching her younger students.

She has put a considerable amount of thought and research into our beginner classical guitar syllabus material and has produced two excellent books for the early stages as well as support material for both students and unmusical parents.

Lyndsay’s delight in the instrument is reflected in her enthusiasm for promoting the joy of making music through teaching new beginners.

“My three boys have been taught guitar by Lyndsay since they were in year 1 - the oldest now nearing the end of year 6 and still loving it. It has been wonderful watching them develop a skill that I can only dream of under Lyndsay’s teaching. She is supportive, encouraging and they have loved rising to her challenges! The online teaching has worked well and the boys have continued to enjoy lessons in the week over FaceTime. They have continued to develop their playing and the tutoring continues to keep up their enthusiasm for practice during the week.”

"As someone of rather advanced years I was rather nervous at the thought of even holding a guitar when Lyndsay first started to teach me about 10 months ago. Now, I have the confidence to take on more and more work and, with her guidance, am really enjoying what I am learning and playing. She inspires confidence, is never irritable if things go wrong and gives lots of encouragement. I just wish I had started ages ago."

Lesley E - (Classical Guitar) - Devon

Beginner classical guitar syllabus material by Lyndsay

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