Jim Bateman

Jim has been involved in music his entire life, either as a performer, arranger or teaching, covering a very diverse range of styles from classical to jazz to rock and pop including being in a Rolling Stones tribute band!

He brings to his lessons a wealth of experience and best-practice advice and always with a genuine desire to ensure that the student succeeds and enjoys the journey. He teaches most instruments from beginner up to the advanced grades and has developed a broad range of material unique to his teaching style.

Jim has an excellent knowledge of new technologies that are now available to assist with learning and practising including bespoke slowing down of backing tracks and changing keys (particularly for improvisation) and providing customised exercises on request.

“Jim has taught three of my children in classical guitar, acoustic guitar and drums. He has helped them progress through the relevant grades and has always been incredibly enthusiastic and supportive of them. He has a wealth of musical and teaching experience, as well as being flexible and committed to helping each child make individual progress. We’ve recently switched seamlessly to online learning in order to adapt to the current situation.”

Emma W


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