Henry Bateman Music Teacher

Henry Bateman

After leaving school with a very impressive Grade 8 classical guitar qualification, Henry went on to study Popular Music Composition at Leeds College of Music, where he received the annual prizes for Popular Music and for Songwriting. He graduated with an exemplary first for his final portfolio of compositions. Henry has released three albums of original material under his own name, as well as being part of numerous collaborative projects.

Henry specialises in an area of acoustic guitar playing known as ‘contemporary fingerstyle’, which in many ways sees the application of classical styles to the steel-strung guitar. Through the application of classical techniques, experimentation with methods of producing both harmonic and percussive sounds, and with tunings – Michael Hedges, a true innovator of this instrument, opened the door for a wealth of incredibly creative and innovative guitarists and composers to walk through. Henry has studied Michael’s music, as well as some of the other guitarists who have followed in his wake such as Eric Roche, Thomas Leeb and Pierre Bensusan – performing this music, as well as his own compositions, around the UK.

“I am new to music – I’ve only been playing guitar for 3 years and had learnt chords from books and the internet. After a workshop with Henry, he taught me how chord structures are formed, how and why to change key, how to compose with chords, how to find rhyming words, and how to use these words for impact. He opened my eyes, gave me confidence to perform at the folk club and then showed me how to master barre chords! A great workshop and a great tutor.”

Mike R


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