Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar

We consider this instrument and style to be the ideal entry to learning to play the guitar for all styles.

Whilst learning to read proper music notation a student will also learn correct left- and right-hand techniques. The nylon strings are much kinder, particularly for much younger fingers, and the guitars come in a range of sizes which is also vital for correct posture of the young student.

As well as the opportunity to take formal exams in this instrument, Bateman Music also provides a teacher assessment as an informal way into exams for the more nervous or younger student. As with formal exams a feedback sheet and certificate is awarded.

Students that move on to acoustic and electric guitar styles very often come back and continue with their higher grades on classical guitar.

It is a wonderful solo instrument, or can be played as part of a duet or in even bigger ensembles.

Classical guitars of all sizes are available for hire at £10 per full term and we are happy to provide advice on purchasing an instrument. It is also recommended that a guitar footstool and a music stand is used to ensure correct posture.

“Jim is a fantastic music teacher, and I say music and not specifically guitar deliberately. Name an instrument and he can teach it, whistle a song and he can play it and write the chords out, forget the music sheet! Being primarily self-taught, Jim understands the challenges we all face learning this new skill and his subsequent patience and adaptive teaching style make all the difference to success.I am very lucky to have Jim as my teacher; I just can’t imagine anyone else more passionate, knowledgeable and yet grounded in the musical world.”

Jo M


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