With such a wealth of experience in composition and arrangement, Henry’s songwriting sessions are suitable for both the experienced and advanced songwriter, looking for guidance on their existing compositions, as well as the beginner.

Sessions can focus on any number of areas, such as lyric writing, arrangement, and will be tailored to the student’s interests and goals. Generally this will be via on-line lessons.

As well as providing guidance on arrangement, Henry is able to give advice on recording/production techniques, particularly with regards to DAW Logic Pro X

Henry has been frequently invited to various commercial songwriting camps around Europe, such as the International Writer’s Camp in Haarlem, Holland. Henry was also a participant in the first House of Europe project, which saw songwriting collaborations between songwriting students from all around Europe and other places.

“Henry Bateman’s songwriting has a maturity and nuance that suggests a seasoned pro with a life filled with experiences to draw on, so it always comes as a shock that he is as young as he is. His music is always thoughtful and considered and he creates completely unique and emotional sonic landscapes with his beautifully crafted narratives and sound worlds. His craftsmanship and his attention to detail is clear in every musical decision he makes and the effort and work he puts in is an inspiration to all of us”

Ric N


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